A Legend is Born

So in an effort to reduce the amount of messages sent out during my time in Argentina while maximizing the degree to which I’m keeping in touch with people, I’ve decided to start a blog about my experiences. And- lucky you!- you’ve probably found your way here because I’ve finally gotten over the horror of the fact that I’m creating a website all about myself and have given you the link to follow what I’m up to!

First of all, I feel like I’ve gotta explain this weird blog name…

The history of Millennial G

Millennial G is a recycled blog, which I feel makes it very Middlebury. As I’m looking back on it, it appears that it was launched in August 2010 during a period of Great Expectations. Last summer, each thinking that the other was probably funny enough to write entertaining posts (we made each other laugh), a friend from college (hint: “Ne paniquez pas!” according to Google translate…)

Everyone's favorite high school literary experience.

and I collaborated to launch a blog. We planned dozens of articles, and some of them even got written! For example, one accomplishment was our “CSL: a guide to Collegespeak as a second language” creation. We planned to write all these really insightful yet clever articles about our generation/college life/our lives/etc. So, Great Expectations given that we didn’t get as far as an official blog name. Millennial G was a product of a late night for me, during which I happened on the name (which I found very witty at the time; it simultaneously referred to our oft-analyzed “Generation Y” while making a pop-culture slang reference: G, like gangster! brilliant!) and decided it was way too good to wait until someone snatched it up. So, millennialg.wordpress.com — what I had anticipated would be a highly coveted domain name but turned out to be avaibs (shocking) — was born. It was a big day for the blogosphere.

Wrapping up…

So, absolutely no expectations that this will be read by anyone other than my family and maybsies some friends, especially given my absolute assurance that my English skills will steadily deteriorate throughout a semester during which I will speak primarily Spanish. Buuut again, since I found the thoughts of losing touch with people and writing lengthy e-mail/facebook messages to friends/relatives equally depressing and overwhelming, I thought this might be an efficient way to communicate.



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