I’m Famous

“What? Really? You mean for being on an Argentine tourism promo telling them that all you eat in Argentina is meat and carbohydrates?!”

Actually no, though when I find it on YouTube I will post it immediately. What I did was write an “overseas brief” for The Campus that’ll be published this Thurs. Given my devotion to The Campus and my desire for their website to get as many hits as possible, I will not post it here, but paste a link to it when it goes up.

Teaser: It’s all about humor. And is funny. Or else it’s not, which then will make it a really uncomfortable read.

Ok, here it is (Though, unfortunately, with a few of my favorite parts edited out. Just for the record, the sentence is “Yeah, I showed up to a party two hours early last night because military time still confuses me… LOL!” That is much more expressive and silly than their edit. Though I understand why they didn’t want to publish “lol” in a serious paper.):


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