Weekend Update: Club M, at last

Random: Interestingly enough, Kansas is the name of a really popular restaurant here. Everyone tells me the food is really good. I’m intrigued.  So obviously I’ll have to make a pilgrimage in support its tasteful choice of namesake. And, as expected, I do get some giggles when I say I’m from Kansas City though (the name of a popular pay by the hour hotel).

Nighttime: OK, so for those who haven’t heard the story of Club M in Italy, you probably won’t understand why the fact that I went to a real Club M this weekend caused me flip out. I attempted to explain to multiple porteños why it was so cool that I was at this particular club, but I think I lost them at “McDonalds.” My Irish friend and I went to his rugby team’s party there, and the greatest part was realizing that I have discovered somewhere that rivals Australia for title of “country whose citizens are THE most entertaining to party with”: the Irish! Porteños are pretty petite, so these two huge Irish friends of his literally cleared a circle in the club when dancing. It was perfect. So instead of leaving early at 3:30 as planned, we ended up leaving at 7:30. I got to practice my Spanish a bunch also, which was fun! Although many porteños do refuse to answer in Spanish, which is kind of disappointing. I guess they want to practice, too.

One problem I have been having with going out is that I don’t ever bring enough money. So, like 80 pesos sounds like a lot to bring out, right? Wronggg. It’s 20 dollars. For some reason I cannot seem to wrap my head around this. The upside is that I can honestly tell strangers that I don’t have enough money to buy drinks, and then they buy them for me. The downside is that since I didn’t have enough for a taxi fare on Saturday, I had to wait for my housemate in order to leave the club. Though that ended up being an upside, too; I found that after I got through the 3:30-4:30 slump, it was all smooth sailing. (But don’t worry padres, I’ll bring more next time.)

Fútbol: So obviously this is Latin America, so it’s a big deal. The two big rivals in BA are the Boca Juniors and River Plate, and the big drama today was a River game, which, if they didn’t win by two, would knock the team down to the lower division. It’s something that’s never happened. BIG. We got multiple e-mails from our program coordinator warning us not to go near the stadium today because there would be mucha violencia if River got demoted. So I watched from home with some of Carmen’s sons. River lost, and the following 20 minutes was a montage of sobbing players, sobbing coaches, and sobbing fans. But wait! The other team’s fans were also crying- with joy! So apparently whatever the outcome, Argentines are prepared to shed some serious tears. Also, there were legit water cannons rimming the field to keep fans from storming the field, and the ratio of police to players as they were escorted out was like 10:1. About 5 mins after the game ended, I heard police sirens (the stadium is in my neighborhood) and at last count 43 people were injured. Intensity. Oh, and they closed my line on the subte because of it, too, which unfortunately meant that my housemate and I couldn’t leave the neighborhood for the planned Spanish trivia night. Bummmer.

And s’more:

– I think I will abandon the idea of posting pictures here. It’s a lil time consuming and you can all see them on ze facebook anyway! Anticipation will make more exciting.

– On the agenda for this week: starting to ease into using the Argentine accent, finding a gym, finally locating a grocery store (yes it has really taken this long…), buying tickets for a Copa America game, multiple Spanglish events (deets later), and starting ESL teaching at a high school.

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