Little did I know...

Miracle of miracles: I have successfully condensed 6-months worth of stuff into two suitcases that weigh under 50 lbs. So I’m off this afternoon to ATL, and fly down to BA at around 10:30 tonight. ¡ Hasta luego!

18-hour update: O.K., not yet. Here’s the story:

Good things: After I’d gone through security in KC and everything, my parents, being the social butterflies that they are, befriended a woman standing outside whose daughter was also going to study abroad in South America (but in Chile). So they both called us and told us to find each other in the waiting area and we both demurred because… that’s awkward. BUT, as fate would have it, we ended up sitting next to each other on the flight to ATL, which was pretty cool and made the fact that we were delayed for about 2.25 hours total on the tarmac completely bearable. New friend!

But waiting on the tarmac brings me to the bad things: I missed my flight to BA, which I guess I could have predicted given we were 1.5 hours late, but I still sprinted through the airport with ma new frand (who did make her flight to Santiago) to arrive huffing and puffing at an empty gate. 2.5-hours worth of inept Delta employees later, I’d finally realized that I would not be getting any vouchers or rides to hotels, so hopped in a taxi to the Hilton, where I spent most of my night hand washing my clothes and attempting to dry them with the hair dryer because I packed my carry-ons with winter coats (not changes of clothes/other useful things) in probably the most unhelpful move I could have made in this situation. Luckily, having dressed in enough layers (an effort to make my transition from summer to winter as gradual as possible) that I felt like this guy,

I had a sweatshirt or two to wear while wandering around the hotel while all my clothes were (not) drying. But now, given my 1 actual shirt is still sopping wet, I’ve purchased a

My sweet digz...

brand new “Atlanta” t-shirt for the flight down, which is great because now I will never forget about being stranded here! So really, the best use of funds possible.

Aaaand, my flight is at 8:00 tonight, so I have NO idea how I am about to occupy a good- let’s see- 9 hours before we board. Meh.

But to end on a positive, I really did have an awesome flight to ATL. And this’ll make a good story… I’m currently trying to figure out how I’ll explain it to Carmen in Spanish.

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