“I Like to Party all the Time”

Buenos Aires is known to be Latin America’s “hottest clubbing destination,” a reputation that is both exciting and intimidating. Coming from a small town in Vermont, I expect the glitz and glamour of the BA social scene will be a pretty solid shock to my routine. Apparently, most porteños (especially women) spend upwards of an hour preening before hitting the scene (though this is also practical: the better one looks, the greater the chance admission to a club will be free).

One interesting fact about the nightlife is the completely different time scale: “It’s social suicide to be seen in a bar before midnight, and in a nightclub before two… you’ll find that there’s something delightfully decadent in partying till dawn, staying out for breakfast and frequently heading straight on to work.” Really? 3 AM?? Maybe it’s my Middlebury background, but 3 AM is definitely the time by which I’m making moves to leave a party (though to be fair, pub safe does shut down all our parties by 2…), and an intentional all nighter is not in my vocabulary unless it relates to homework. I love sleeping, but it appears porteños don’t do much of this. Thus the dependency on copious amounts of coffee and yerba mate every day.

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